Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy/Procedure
Policy It is the policy of  Franklin Wright Settlements (FWS)  to provide excellent service and resources to our clients. If in the event, you have a grievance with FWS, the agency will provide an immediate and fair way to resolve grievances.
Procedures A grievance is a complaint or disagreement an individual has with any service they receive from FWS. Each individual has the right to have their grievance heard, be responded to quickly, and obtain resolution of an issue. It is the responsibility of FWS to assist clients in understanding the process when an issue becomes a grievance.It is the responsibility of the individuals to first try to work out any complaints or disagreements before beginning the grievance process.
Step One:An individual who has a grievance should discuss the issue with the FWS staff person as soon as possible.
Step Two:If the grievance is not resolved, or the individual is not satisfied with the outcome, the individual should address in writing the issue with the President & CEO.
If you feel uncomfortable reporting a complaint / grievance to the President and CEO, you may also report a grievance to the Vice President of Programs or Compliance.All complaints will be handled in a timely manner. As a goal, FWS attempts to resolve a complaint within 20 working days from the time of its initiation. All involved parties will be notified if an extension of the time becomes necessary.