Our History

Franklin-Wright prides itself as being the first settlement program established in the state of Michigan.

Franklin was founded as a day nursery in 1881 and was privately funded by interested citizens. Two years later, it became incorporated as a day care center and kindergarten. In 1918, it became a member agency of the Community Chest operating a day nursery a summer camp and doing primarily group work.

In 1967, the merger of the Franklin and Sophie Wright Settlements was formally announced for the purpose of providing improved and effective services to the people residing in the southeast side of Detroit. Both settlements have a long and outstanding history of services to the residents of the area.

Since its inception, FWS has adapted to changing landscapes, adopting and utilizing best practices while achieving maximum program effectiveness.

Today, programs include: Youth Enrichment, Recreation, Senior Outreach Services, Early Start Child Care, Family Reunification Services, Mentoring, Counseling and Services resources along with Supplemental Academic Initiatives.