Senior Outreach Services

Senior Outreach Services (SOS)

SOS offers a menu of services to the elderly to assist in daily activities and support their basic needs. Seniors are offered hot meals, transportation, assistance with household duties and educational support services. On a daily basis FWS offers enhanced physical fitness, Respite, Kinship,Food and Friendship fellowship, Widow’s Club and space for aquatic physical therapy when necessary

  • Medicaid Waiver/Project Choice Program assists seniors with daily living skills.  Trained caregivers aid in light housekeeping and personal care for seniors living on the Eastside of Detroit.  The goal of this program is for seniors to maintain stability in their own homes avoiding nursing facilities.  Project choice is an added component to the program.  It allows us to service seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities
  • Enhanced Fitness Program: This program encourages seniors to engage in weekly strengthening exercises. Exercising provides an opportunity for the instructor to assess each senior’s level of flexibility and physical ability individually and develop a plan for them that specifically addresses their needs.
  • MMAP: The Michigan Medicaid/Medicare Assistance Program (MMAP) helps seniors to learn about Medicaid/Medicare programs and what benefits are available to them. MMAP provides counseling and assists seniors in making informed health care decisions.
  • Food and Friendship Program: This program meets at the FWS main campus and seniors enjoy the companionship of others from their peers. They take day trips and participate in educational topics provided onsite that focus on issues that affect them, such as chronic health conditions, navigating Medicare and Medicaid benefits and prescriptions assistance.
  • FWS Caring for Caregivers (Kinship Support Program) serves as a one-stop shop resource center. Providing monthly Informational and Support Group Meetings discussing various topics such as: legal concerns, financial resources, health education workshops, and prescription assistance just to name a few.
  • Silver Satin Club, formerly Widow’s Club, is a club that meets once a month where like-minded men and women get together and communicate on various topics and issues and also have monthly outings.

For more information about these services please call  at 313.579.1000 ext. 274 or email